We often forget how powerful God is. We forget how His love is so perfect. We forget that it is impossible to understand God's mind and its perfection.


To move forward and discover God and His wonderful love for us we need to pause, focus and invest or commit.  Otherwise, the wisdom in God's voice will sound like gibberish in our hearts and minds.


Do you hunger to know why…why does my life feels so incomplete?

Do you wonder…if I have everything I need then why am I not happy? What am I doing wrong?

Are you discouraged because you think a relationship with God is beyond you?

Are you tempted in thinking things will never change for you?


Pause….Be still......Think.....


What if you never baked that cake you mixed because you didn’t think a liquid paste could turn into a cake?


What if you stopped watering the seeds in your garden because you thought they looked so hard and dead that surely they will never grow into a plant?


Sometimes to know is not enough, one needs to push through and move forward with the right action in order to see the results.  In the same way, we also need to move forward in faith to discover and enjoy God’s blessings.


God created us perfectly, yes perfectly; we have everything we need to flourish.  Everything we need to walk with God in relationship has been provided for us. Everything we need to move forward and find peace is already within us.



God has put beautiful seeds in each and every one of us. No exceptions.


Some seeds are:




Right intentions

Continence (self-restraint, abstinence)


Spirit of sacrifice


We just need to be close to Him.  Why? Because He is like the sun and His warmth will bring these seeds, buried under the winter cold, to life, making them sprout and yield plentiful.


You will flourish, your loved ones will benefit and your neighbours and friends will also enjoy of the fruitfulness of God’s love and peace in your life.


Give this some thought.... you are worth it.


This is Joan Attard ....until next time.




Inspired by:

Isaiah 11:2

John 10:10

Galatians 5:22-23

The Gospels as Revealed to Me - Vol. 1, chapter 48




We miss out on so many of God's blessings because we lack discipline. As soon as you read "discipline" you probably thought of the one or two things you have a hard time accomplishing.


-Waking up early enough so you do not rush like a maniac in the morning

-Eating the right foods and cutting back intake on the not-so-healthy foods


-Paying the bills on time or maybe just the discipline of opening and dealing with the mail

-De-cluttering your home or your room


We need discipline to do all these things, but these types of disciplines are not what keep us from receiving God's blessings. Lacking the discipline of order, healthy habits or timely addressing priorities in our life can become interference in our spiritual life but these types of disciplines are still secondary. In order to conquer them, you will need to focus firstly on the one most important discipline of all.


We need the discipline to choose God first.


You heard me…being able to discipline yourself to choose God FIRST, unleashes God’s showers of blessings, wisdom and the strength to address life with the right discipline to achieve order and good health.


Yes.....choose God before our husband or wife, before our work, before our children or maybe our best friend, before all the material stuff that we feel we must have to be the norm.


We live in a generation where we can pretty much justify everything, especially regarding the self, be it monitory, vanity, self-pity, maybe even lust or pride.


Choosing God first is essential to receive His blessings and His peace but it does not come easy. It takes commitment; it takes an investment and lots of discipline.


Ask yourself:

Have you checked in with God today?

Have you stopped to listen to God's agenda for you today?

Have you given Him permission to lead you or perhaps takeover your day today?

Have you thanked Him?



This is Joan Attard with a little food for thought.....till next time.