Lent is an opportunity to begin again. 

Prayer for Lenten Simplicity

Free me Lord from anything that obstructs my way to you.

Clear away the clutter of petty grudges. Remove smudges of resentment and bitterness.

Cleanse me of thoughts filled with anger, envy or self pity.

Create space in my life for more kindness and less spitefulness, greater generosity and stronger compassion.

Enlarge my heart with a spirit of gratitude this Lent, so that I recognize the simple gifts that lay in abundance all around me.

In your sacred name, I pray.


courtesy of www.sharecatholic.com

Prayers for Lent

Prayer for Lenten Grace

Loving God,

During the  sacred season of Lent, bring me closer to you.

Prepare a place in my home and heart for silence and solitude, so that I may re-discover the grace of a prayerful life.

Help me to fast from those things that threaten the well being of body and soul, and remind me of the grace of simplicity.

Enlarge my heart so that I give to those in need and, in so doing, re-discover the grace of gratitude and generosity.

May this season be a grace filled time to rekindle my love for, and faith in you.


courtesy of www.sadlier.com

Updated 06/2020

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