Attending Women of the Word is like having a Spiritual Massage - leaving feeling REJUVENATED. 

Rose Tucci

Inspirational ! My batteries are recharged


Sophie Demianiuk

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! is all I can say-so profound, the talks hit me to the core! just amazing-Thank you all for organizing such a great event. 

Laura Streat

Spending the day with you all was such an honor. Truly! I am so impressed with the WOW team's thoughtfulness and spirituality. You all are truly creating a place for all women to grow in faith and solidarity. God love you and bless you!!!

Leah Darrow

This truly was the best morning ever!

Marina Vano

Keep up the phenomenal work. My Job is to spread the word of how WOWT spiritually rejuvenates and inspires us to be all we can be with the Grace of God. 

WOW! once again wonderful organization and presentations, speakers delicious food and service. Will leave with a spring in my step, despite the weather. 

Lorraine Guerreiro

Thank you for putting this together, this is my 3rd time, can't wait till next year. I feel I become closer to the Holy Spirit. 

Connie Lanzino

First time here. I'm so glad I came here - the 2 women who talked made me realize what authenticity is - very inspirational. I will be back  every year. And I'll spread the news to others. 

Paula Lunardo

Great venue! Loved this event. Always inspiring. Keep those workshops coming! More women need resources to start healing. 

Nella DiBlasi

Your ministry is an inspiration. May it continue to grow and be blessed by our Lord. 

Antonietta Mercuri