Women of the Word-Toronto wants to inspire today’s woman to foster her relationship with God.

We want her to experience the dignity, hope, and healing received by women whose hearts were transformed by the love of God; women whose living testimonies helped change the world.


is a recognized lay movement under the guidance of the Archdiocese of Toronto and the patronage of Our Mother of Holy Hope.

Women of the Word hosts two annual events – the Forum and the Conference. Our events are open to women of all ages, faith backgrounds, and walks of life. Both events provide an atmosphere of sisterhood and are truly an experience that nurtures mind, body and soul.

The Forum happens every spring and is limited to a 700 women attendance. The day is graced by wonderful Catholic speakers. The ladies enjoy a continental breakfast and a delicious plated lunch as well as, receiving a gift bag containing a specially purchased book and other items. The event runs from 9am to 2:30pm. There is NO mass at the Forum.

The Conference takes place in the fall and is hoped to be a time to step deeper into relationship with God. The highlight of the Conference is the celebration of the Holy Mass, an encounter with the true presence of Christ. The line-up for the day also includes amazing Catholic speakers and our popular, scrumptious, signature breakfast brunch! The size of the Conference is smaller with a maximum of 500 in attendance and the day runs from 9am to 2:30pm. There is a little something for everyone to take home.


Testimonial Maria Torrone

As a first time participant in the WOW Conference, I was impressed by the gathering from start to finish. The venue was spacious and welcoming. The food was delicious and the serving staff hospitable. It was well-organized and the women in attendance were united in their anticipation of the day. The testimonials and teaching by Dr. Josephine Lombardi were both personal and engaging. As I had heard Professor Lombardi speak before, I felt that her talk truly embraced the spirit of the group in attendance, which consisted of women of all age groups and backgrounds. What united us was our love of God in His Word and in His Son and Mother. This made for a very fulfilling day. I would highly recommend this conference to women who are seeking to deepen their faith in an open and honest manner. You will be happily and tearfully surprised by the depth of sharing that takes place. May God continue to bless this important ministry of women evangelizing and sharing their love of God with other women.


From: Maria Celeste Giraldo Estrada

I have attended the W.O.W forum for the last three years. I have witnessed the growth of the event and its tangible witness to the power of women who love Christ. It is evident that all aspects of the Forum are woven together with prayerful attention. The head committee consists of joyful women of service who are able to give with authentic generosity. The guest speakers provide edifying and concrete information that can readily help a woman who is seeking to embody her faith. The testimonials are powerful and honest. The women that attend the event do so in sincerity and openness to both give and receive. I would strongly encourage a woman who feels called to attend to do so. I consider the forum a gift.











From Mary Petrucci

In May 2014, I attended Women of the Word forum for the first time. I had been invited by a kind and generous friend and I invited a dear friend of mine to come along. It was a wonderful experience! I had such a peaceful and pleasant time while I was there. I especially enjoyed listening to Dr. Josephine Lombardi. I was totally able to relate to what she said in her talk. At one point during the forum, I believe it was during prayer, I remember smelling flowers. Later, it dawned on me that our blessed Mother Mary was there with us and that the flowers I smelled were roses which are known to be a sign of Mary's presence. That was the first time I had that experience. Once the event came to an end, I headed out feeling totally refreshed and at peace and smiling about it. However, as I stepped foot out of the hall, I fell. There was a crowd of women watching me. My dear friend was there helping me along with a few other women. An ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital to check out my foot. My friend came with me in the ambulance. The paramedic was good with me and the three of us chatted and laughed on the way to the hospital. It turned out I did not have a fracture, only a sprain. All through this experience, I was calm, peaceful and not anxious at all as I often am used to being in such situations. My friend was amazing! She took great care of me. This was amazing to me because she had not been well herself but she totally forgot herself and took care of me in that moment. Once done at the hospital, we both headed to mass where normally I help serve communion. Through this ordeal, I kept thinking that I wanted to get to church and to serve communion. Well, I did not serve because I sprained my foot but I was happy to make it to mass. God was with me that day and during my fall. He provided for me to be taken care of. I was never scared for a moment. I took the experience I had received at W.O.W. with me. My heart was filled with peace and joy and my painful foot was not important. I was too joyful to be bothered by any of it. I enjoyed the beautiful sunny and breezy day and the effects of W.O.W. This was neither the first or last such experience for me but it was very powerful. Thank you W.O.W., Mary Filangi, Rose Scaini, Laureta(again) especially Sandra and always to Mother Mary and the Lord our God. I look forward to attendeing this year's forum. God Bless

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