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Women of the Word Toronto
inspires today’s woman to foster
her relationship with God.


At WOW-T, we provide opportunities for women to listen to other women share their personal stories of hope and transformation at one of our women's events; women who came to understand with deep confidence that God walks with them no matter how dark a season of life may be. Hope kept them from discouragement and sustained them in times of trial and tribulation. 

God uses the virtue of hope to sustain us and set us free. Our Mother, Queen of Holy Hope – Pray for us.

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Life circumstances can sometimes wound us deeply, causing a separation between us and the love, freedom and healing that God desires to give us. At WOW-T, we provide speakers who gently guide us on a path of self-awareness by accessing the deep, spiritual traditions within the Church, Bible, Saints and Psychology.  In doing so, it is our hope that each woman receives this healing, liberating love of Christ.


At WOW-T, our desire is that every woman goes to Jesus whom she will find waiting for her. Receive Him in the Eucharist; He desires to be with you. Go to Him in Confession; He wishes to shower His Mercy upon you. Visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament; allow Him to transform you.

“It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness; He is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you.” - Pope St. John Paul ll

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upcoming events

Finding God in our Sacred Stories
Finding God in our Sacred Stories
Feb 24, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
1431 Clarence St, Woodbridge, ON L4H 3C4, Canada
Finding God in our Sacred Stories
Finding God in our Sacred Stories
Feb 24, 2024, 9:00 a.m.
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Susan Goncz 

M BCom, M.Div., S.T.B., M.A.M.S., Dip. in Spiritual Direction, Cert in

Pastoral Competency, Cert. in Communal Discernment


Susan Goncz is an Ignatian trained Spiritual Director and Facilitator of Communal Discernment passionate about helping others find God in all things. A compassionate listening companion, Susan walks with individuals and groups, as they listen together for the Spirit’s presence and direction. Susan’s own spiritual journey was ignited after a life-changing encounter that deepened her experience of the Divine as the small, still voice within. Following that voice, she went into a time of prayer and formation and found her home in Ignatian Spirituality – a spirituality grounded in the sacredness of the everyday, ordinary life.


With over 25 years of strategic leadership and management consultant experience, and 20 years of experience as a lay ecclesial minister and church consultant, Susan again followed her inner voice and founded Journeys Worth Taking, a ministry of spiritual accompaniment for the everyday life. Susan has a thriving Spiritual Direction practice, develops and directs retreats for young adults, parishes, and other faith-based organizations, and facilitates communal discernment exercises for parishes and apostolates seeking spiritual renew for their communities.


Susan recently completed a writing project on transformation based on her sister’s life, to whom Susan attributes her conversion. Susan believes that the greatest of all journeys is the18-inch journey from the head to the heart. While not easy, it is the Journey Worth Taking.

Susan lives in Markham, ON with her husband, two adult children, and their dog, Dexter.


Heidi Matthews

BSc. MAMS, Dip. in Spiritual Direction, Cert. in Eco-Theology


As a spiritual director, I accompany directees as they seek to deepen their relationship with God/the Divine, helping them discern how they are being invited to live into that loving and life-giving relationship.  Trained in Ignatian spirituality, I support directees in their growing awareness of the presence of the Holy everywhere, in beauty and joy, in suffering and turmoil, in all of creation and especially in the ordinary events of everyday life.  Noticing God’s intimate presence in our lives deepens the relationship we so ardently desire.  I look forward the retreat on Feb. 24, 2024 with Women of the Word Toronto

Worrier to Warrior - 15th Annual Forum
Worrier to Warrior - 15th Annual Forum
Apr 14, 2024, 9:00 a.m.


Liz Kelly is a retreat leader and the award-winning author of twelve books, including Reasons I Love Being Catholic, which won the Catholic Press Association First Place award for Best Popular Presentation of the Faith in 2007, and Jesus Approaches, What Contemporary Women Can Learn about Healing, Freedom & Joy from the Women of the New Testament, which has won a number of awards, including Best Book in the Religion/Christianity category for 2017-2019. Several thousand women have taken her 9-week study based on Jesus Approaches, which has been called “a spa for your soul.” Her book, Love Like A Saint, Cultivating Virtue with Holy Women (March 2021) has been called “penetrating and graceful,” “a source of encouragement and hope,” and “a beautiful deep dive into the lives of inspirational, holy women.” Her most recent book, A Place Called Golgotha: Meditations on the Last Words of Christ, has been called “a must-read.” One reviewer suggested, “Prepare to never read the Crucifixion accounts in the same way.” Kelly’s written works frequently appear in the Magnificat’s Lenten and Advent Companions and in other Catholic venues, such as the Catholic Spirit, Blessed is She, and Her popular monthly column, Your Heart, His Home, is published throughout the US and has been made into a book. Kelly received her certification as a spiritual director from the Cenacle of our Lady of Divine Providence School of Spirituality in association with the Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2015. She focuses on the Ignatian exercises and leads retreats with a particular focus on helping women to flourish in their faith. Kelly has appeared on Relevant Radio, Catholic Answers, Radio Maria, Public Radio, Boston Catholic Television, EWTN and Salt and Light Television. Kelly holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska (1993), Anchorage, and an MA in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas (2008). From 2008 to 2022, she served as the managing editor of Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture at the University of St. Thomas (MN) and taught in the Catholic Studies program. She lives with her husband, Vincent, an architect, in Minnesota. Visit her website at or follow her on Instagram at LizKToday.

Mary Lenaburg


Mary Lenaburg is a respected Catholic speaker and celebrated author of "Be Brave in the Scared" and "Be Bold in the Broken," both recognized with accolades in the Catholic publishing world. With international keynotes and contributions to Catholic media, she passionately shares her faith journey.


In addition to her professional accomplishments, Mary, together with her husband of 35 years, navigated the profound loss of their daughter in 2014, embodying the resilience and unwavering faith she often speaks about. She embraces her father's wisdom, reminding us all, "Never quit, never give up, never lose your faith. It’s the one reason you walk this earth. For God chose this time and place just for you, so make the most of it." Mary's life and work exemplify the power of faith, hope, and perseverance.

IMG_1950 (1).heic


Felicia is a busy wife, mother and grandmother, whose Catholic faith sustains her in all areas of her life.  She is currently employed as an administrative assistant, after running her own home daycare business for over 23 years. Felicia happily serves on the Women of the Word – Toronto Board of Directors and is an active Committee Member. 

Negative experiences in her childhood, various individuals in her life, the culture, and other factors played a role in Felicia’s upbringing and formation.  As a young adult Felicia struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder and bouts of depression.  The stress and strain of her life caused her great emotional suffering and kept her in bondage.

A reversion to the faith, psychological counselling, and help from faith-filled people, were instrumental in allowing Felicia to heal over the course of many years.

Felicia is grateful for this opportunity to share her story for the very first time.  She wishes to use her own personal experience of the healing, liberating, merciful power of Christ to encourage others in their journeys.

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