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Women of the Word Toronto
inspires today’s woman to foster
her relationship with God.


At WOW-T, we provide opportunities for women to listen to other women share their personal stories of hope and transformation at one of our women's events; women who came to understand with deep confidence that God walks with them no matter how dark a season of life may be. Hope kept them from discouragement and sustained them in times of trial and tribulation. 

God uses the virtue of hope to sustain us and set us free. Our Mother, Queen of Holy Hope – Pray for us.

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Life circumstances can sometimes wound us deeply, causing a separation between us and the love, freedom and healing that God desires to give us. At WOW-T, we provide speakers who gently guide us on a path of self-awareness by accessing the deep, spiritual traditions within the Church, Bible, Saints and Psychology.  In doing so, it is our hope that each woman receives this healing, liberating love of Christ.


At WOW-T, our desire is that every woman goes to Jesus whom she will find waiting for her. Receive Him in the Eucharist; He desires to be with you. Go to Him in Confession; He wishes to shower His Mercy upon you. Visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament; allow Him to transform you.

“It is Jesus that you seek when you dream of happiness; He is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you.” - Pope St. John Paul ll

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Wisdom and Whimsy Newsletter #52 From  Mary Lenaburg Mary


April 15, 2024


Hey there friend

This past weekend in Toronto, Canada, was an absolute heart-warmer! 

I had the distinct honor of speaking at the Women of the Word conference. Our theme? 

From Worrier to Warrior—a message I hold dear to my heart. Alongside me were some truly incredible women, including the gifted author Liz Kelly, and the inspiring Felicia from the WOW team, who shared her riveting testimony.

Oh, what an incredible weekend it was, pulsating with the Holy Spirit's presence! The energy was infectious, the kind that fills you up and overflows. I met so many wonderful women, and let me tell you, there were hugs for days! Each embrace was a story, a shared struggle, a step toward healing. The joy of accompanying these remarkable women on their journey from worrier to warrior was profound.

We dove deep into conversations about transforming our worries into a profound faith and stepping into our true power—boldness in prayer and unwavering confidence in God's promises. Witnessing the shifts in their spirits was nothing short of miraculous. It's moments like these that remind me why gatherings like this are so vital—they're not just meetings, but lifelines, sanctuaries for our souls.

Leaving Toronto, my heart was full, and my spirit was inspired. I'm so grateful for having had the opportunity to share, learn, and grow alongside such strong and faith-filled women. What a blessing to be part of their journey to freedom and true empowerment through Christ.

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