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celebrating the joy of faith

We hope that Blessings will provide a message of faith that will challenge and empower women in their daily lives. We want to open the hearts of our readers and inspire today’s women to foster their relationship with God. In the pages of our magazine you will find stories of Catholic witness, ways of putting faith into practice, teachings of the catechism of the Catholic Church, and biblical inspirations. Alongside these messages of faith you will find creative projects, recipes, and other articles that will foster your mind, body, and soul. It is our goal to exemplify to the reader the possibility of weaving faith into our everyday lives.

When we came together to start Blessings, all we had was a vision and a dream; today that dream has become a reality. What you see before you is a labour of love, one that we pray exalts our faith and provides inspiration. It is with great anticipation we humbly present Blessings Magazine to you. We hope that you find as much meaning in reading the pages as we did in putting them together.

past editions

Blessing Magazine 2014 Cover

Blessing Magazine Spring 2014

Blessing Magazine 2013 Cover

Blessing Magazine Spring 2013

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