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Too busy, so much to do!

Often times while my husband is watching TV or during the summer, when he is sitting in the backyard, I find myself doing things around the house. Small things, but nevertheless I'm doing them. I seem to have a problem stopping and sitting down. There is always so much to do.


Many times my husband will call to me, “Will you stop fussing about and come and sit down with me? What is there that can’t possibly wait?” ...Hmmmm... I will skip my response......

Well... here we are in the new year and one of our New Year's resolutions is to go to church together at least once during the work week and I tell you, it has been such a blessing! I must admit that I strategically chose a church where we can go to adoration for about 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass.... could not help myself .... and hubby did not complain.

This week we have a crazy schedule and my husband asked what day will be our church day? I explained if we change the day or the church, we won't be able to go to adoration as not all churches offer this opportunity. My husband was surprised and said to me, "What do we need adoration for, don’t we do adoration while we are at Mass? Isn’t that enough?"

Light bulb!!!!

I explained that adoration is like when I'm fussing about the house and he calls me to relax and sit with him for a little while. Although I am in the same house with him and even manage to dialogue while I do what needs to be done, stopping everything and sitting with him, makes all the difference. Same with Jesus. He is always with us but stopping what we are doing and sitting with Him in Holy Adoration makes all the difference in our relationship with Him.

Thought I would share this in case someone asks you ... Why adoration? Isn’t Mass enough?

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