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On My Jesus Journey

My Lord,

Growing up is hard.

I know You love me.

I am a child of God!

The Good Lord gives us His very best! How blessed is that!

We are vessels​ to do God's work.

How blessed is that!

He molds me.

Makes me strong.

Builds character.

Makes me humble.

I am of the highest value to God!

I am worthy of God's best!

But I have to remember that it's in God's way and in God's time.

He knows me from the inside out.


Continue to guide me and give me wisdom to make good decisions, never straying from your path.

Help me remember that when I am confused, You are near and Your steady hand will sustain me.

How I love myself is shown by my own deeds and actions...

By what I say to myself, how I treat myself, and how I let others treat me.


Make us one in heart and spirit.

I'm sorry for my sins, Lord.

I'm sorry when I let you down.

You give me so many chances...

Until I get it right.

Sometimes we don't get what we want or think we want.

That means the Good Lord has something better in store for us.

How blessed is that!

He gives us wonderful opportunities on the journey...

to discern, learn, grow, and meet people...on our Jesus journey.

How blessed is that!

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