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Letting Go and Letting God

My baby boys

have grown up so quickly. My eldest is headed to university this fall. My youngest is working ahead by taking a grade 10 history course in summer school. My husband and I are very proud of them both.

Since for the most part I have not worked outside my home, I have been able to support both boys throughout elementary and high school by helping with academic needs, driving them to and from school when needed and being present at all activities they have been involved in at school. I even worked at the elementary school a little. I have been blessed to be able to be very present and involved in their early years and school experience. I am proud of this and grateful.

My boys have both attended Catholic schools since the start of their education. For this, we are blessed. Since my eldest will begin university in fall, I must admit that I am concerned that he is now entering a non-Catholic institution. I worry about the different people with different views and opinions and religions that he will meet and the way all this might affect his own faith and his life. I fear the possibility of him moving away from our Catholic faith.

What has been most important to me is for both my sons to grow with God in our Catholic faith. They are both practicing Catholics and serve in the church. It's been my mission to raise them as best I could in our faith . Also, I have done my best to be a good example of a practicing Catholic myself. At this point, I have to accept that my eldest is closer to being an adult than a child. I have to believe that I did the best I could up until now. I hope that he continues to connect with God. I will keep showing both my sons the righteous path. I will strive to increase my faith in God and trust that He is with them both on their life journey, guiding them toward Him. I hope that both of them will continue to place God first in their lives. I will continue to learn more about my faith, myself and God and to pray about it all along the way. Furthermore, I will share the knowledge, understanding and any wisdom I gain with my boys.

My prayers have always been for the boys to grow into good, honest and respectable Catholic men. I always pray for their happiness, safety, good health and well being. I am grateful and proud of who they are today and hope and pray they continue as such. I realize that it is time to start letting go a little and trusting that I raised them well, that they are indeed the beautiful children of God I pray for them to be. As hard as it can be, it's time to start letting go and letting God take over. So my prayer now is, "Thank you God, for all Your help in raising my babies. Lord, I continue to pray for Your help as my babies develop into young men. May they always keep You near and may they always follow You."

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