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Who do YOU say I am?

In Mathew 16:15 Jesus asks “Who do YOU say I am?” This question is a personal invitation to reflect on our encounters with Jesus in our lives. God works in our lives every day. Many times, we do not realize the works of our Lord until many years later.

For example, twenty years ago we moved to Woodbridge. At that time, two of my three children were in elementary school. Moving schools is not easy for any child. The making of new friends can sometimes be a challenge. My eldest was in grade 3 and was just beginning to be exposed to bullying situations. I decided to join the parent council to familiarize myself with the school and its policies. At one particular council meeting the subject of bullying was being discussed, a subject which had just begun to weigh heavily on my heart. I had prayed that the Lord put the right friends in my children’s lives. As much as I trusted in God, results were not happening fast enough. My eldest started to have anxiety issues which caused stress and tribulations at home. Therefore, the subject of bullying caught my undivided attention that day at the council meeting.

Ideas were being introduced, but nothing seemed to receive general consensus. All of a sudden, unexpectedly, I started sharing an idea…an idea that I didn’t even know I had! Since most of the bullying happened at recess, why couldn’t the school offer a place of refuge for those students who did not want to participate in recess activities? Maybe offering a Rosary Club at lunch recess, where students had the option to go and pray the Rosary with their peers and a qualified volunteer.

Silence fell in the room. I was as surprised as everyone else with this idea. Where did it come from? I had never even considered it before, let alone have enough information to introduce a Rosary Club! The idea was immediately embraced, and the principal wanted it to start immediately. But who to volunteer to get it off the ground?

All eyes were on me. Not only did I not feel qualified, but I was still processing the words that came out of my mouth! When the Lord wants something to happen, He opens all the doors immediately! I, hesitantly, said “yes” to lead the Rosary club temporarily until a more suitable, qualified person was found. The Rosary club began and grew like a mustard seed! It was so beautiful and became a part of the school for 10 years…and beyond! It was the Lord’s plan for me to lead the Rosary with the students for those 10 years…an experience that I will always cherish. I was soon to be known at the school as the “Rosary Lady”.

Not only did I pray the Rosary with the children at the school, but it also became part of the prayers in our home life. More than a decade later I also started the Rosary Group on Fridays at our parish. All this began with the seed that was planted by the Holy Spirit at that first council meeting where the Lord did answer the prayers for my daughter, but not in the ways that I expected.

Praying the Rosary has played an integral role in my faith growth. When I look back, it is quite clear to me now that this journey was not only an answered prayer, but also part of the Lord’s plan for me! All I had to do was say “yes” at that first council meeting.

The Lord does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

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